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First Term

This page created 9th March - Winter 1219

This is the short version of events, it won't make much sense, but might provide enough for a timeline of sorts. The expanded version should be along soonish

Session 1 (Oct. 16) - Deunan, Dimitri and Vitenka arrive at AS, accompanied by Kostya, Mila, Briareos and Fyodor. Deunan challenges Dimitri to Certamen (CrHe) over the gravity-less lab and loses. Mila and Briareos encounter the Lost Ones.

Session 2 (Oct. 23) - Anatol, Andres, Artur and Gwyntar arrive at AS, as does Csuba. Deunan recruits the Lost Ones as Grogs. Benjamin (Jewish merchant) offers to sell AS a djinn in a bottle. Deunan dream-talks to the djinn.

Session 3 (Oct. 30) - Arrival of Hedeon and Syldana. Anatol, Dimitri and Mila rob Benjamin and accidentally release the djinn at Purgatio Propter Ignem. AS votes to inform the Quaesitors of the incident. Mila and the Scout Patrol encounter Baba Yaga's trail. Griffin visits AS for the first time.

Session 4 (Nov. 30) - AS trades with Griffin; Anatol accompanies Griffin on his travels (until Aut. 1203). Olga the Shaman (posessed by Karaka) abducts Vitenka as a diversion; Karaka attacks AS but is fended off by Gwyntar. AS learns more about the Dragon's lair from Volodin (the thief.) Vitenka, Mila, Hedeon and Syldana meet Talen & promise to bring back Volodin alive. Syldana 'volunteered' to stay with Talen. Tomas drinks from the well at the Shrine of St. Deimos and is cured of his lameness. Hedeon & Mila decide to stay behind at the shrine.

Session 5 (Nov. 6) - Vitenka, Artur, Andres, Tomas & Zoya track down Volodin, now counsellor to the Prince of Smolensk, having restored his princess' fertility. They kidnap Volodin and take his diamond, giving both to Talen, who accepts Volodin as his agent in the mortal world. AS is rewarded with 15000 pennies, plus the vis from Talen's pool, provided that Syldana plays for Talen during her one active season each year.

Session 6 (Nov. 13) - Father Michael, the Devil's Advocate investigating Deimos' canonization, visits the Covenant and interrogates Tomas and Zoya. While Michael is there, Ruling Quaesitor Cimon visits, accompanied by Rosenkiel, Anton, and "Brady" (Vitenka's little joke). Cimon rules that AS must pay 20 pawns of vis (of any type) to compensate Purgatio Propter Ignem for Anatol and Dimitri's actions. After Cimon and Michael have left, a Burrower Worm attacks the Covenant, apparently seeking vengeance on Anatol.

Session 7 (Nov. 17) - Deunan and Gwyntar investigate the pool of the Volodnoi near PPI. Deunan, invited to visit Wolfwind, travels there with Vitenka, Syldana, Marianna, Tomas and Feliks. They find themselves trapped on the road by Ritual/Order, Deunan, Vitenka and Marianna are rescued by Wolfwind, thanks to Samahazai informing Wolfwind of their peril. Syldana, Tomas and Feliks are "rescued" by the Volodnoi. Syldana agrees to find the Volodnoi two "mothers" if they let her go; sick little episode occurs. AS & Wolfwind agree to allow one another 2 Seasons' worth of copying in their libraries (Gwyntar goes to WW). WW shares info on Karaka and Ritual/Order; vis trade links are set up.

Session 8 (Nov. 20) - The Lost Ones agree to postpone the attack on Karaka until W 1207. The attacking party find Karaka already all but defeated, with a hostile manticore loose in his Great Hall. Vitenka responsible for both creating another manticore and for trapping the party in the Darkness of Despair until Deunan leads them out. Deunan, Dimitri, Varvara and Pyotr go thro' Darkness and fight Karaka himself: Varvara is killed, Deunan garottes Karaka to death and hears his dying words. Ancient dragon released, lets magi drink his blood, allowing them to talk to birds and beasts. Deunan buries Karaka in the marsh outside his castle, according to the tapestries in his throne room, and takes his enchanted sword. Artur proposes a motion to censure Deunan for giving Karaka honourable burial, which fails. Also in W 1207, Talen is found killed by Dracovore. Volodin, having been released from Talen's service the morning before, goes to Nepolitis to join the Order of Hermes as a Redcap.

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