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Hunt for the Drumlin

Created 21st April, Winter 1220

Well; we first noticed things during the Autumn of 1219.

There was less traffic mving through our forest than we would have expected - some of the regulars hadn't turned up.

Then the scout patrol found what appeared to be the remains of a small pack train - the saddle bags of five pack horses, and a riding saddle; as well as six sets of horse shoes - all scattered about ten feet from the roadside.
If was a little odd for a robbery - as the packs were still full of goods from Kiev. There didn't seem to be any tracks - though the ground was disturbed as though there had been a small eath tremor; and there didn't seem to be anything to do - so the patrol decided to come back and tell us about it.
The disturbance seemed to have happened at least three days ago.

A month or so later, we got the first of a pair of troubling reports.
Akilina came panting back with a story about many (200 many) armed soldiers riding toward our covenant; apparently from procter ignem, and probably with a mage.

Lovely, we thought. And panicked. And hid the books that used to be theirs (well, we rescued them from Dracovore)
We hid most of them in Gwyntars sancutm - and he now claims to have forgotten where.

So the cook whips up a storm of Ghoulash - and we have about three hours till sunset, when the troops will arrive.

And now, cut to sergei.
He, and a pair of wolves, are supposed to be watching over the covenant children, who are off 'playing' with Martin.
In reality, of course, Martin lost them long ago - so now they are lounging around, waiting for Martin to return the kids so they can get them back to the covenant.
So, they are hanging around in a village on the southeast road, and a storm approaches along the road.
What should it be, but several (five) hundred mounted cavalry, shining inn a riot of couloured armour and barding and lances and pennants.
And as if that weren't a good enough hint - the leader was carrying, in place of a lance, a giant tulip.

A sight to behold, was Ctharsis and his cavalry.

Sergei persuaded one of the wolves to run back to the covenant; and the first thing any of the mages knew anything was wrong was the mass evacuation of wolves from inside out stockade (gate guards don't argue with over fifty wolves)
So Deunan went and found a straggler, and discovered that a second armed force was aproaching. Being a good little defensor, she told us; and panicked us all that little bit more.

Revan went aerial connoitering, which is where we got our accurate enumeration and timings from (200, hour before sunset, 500, sunset or so)

So - we closed the gates, got the mud; and hoped that both groups we're going to be friendly.

Wolf : Grrr - lots of men and horses - grrr
Sergei : lots? How many?
Wolves : Lots.
Sergei : These aren't very clever wolves...
players: They're extremely clever, they're talking to you...
(brief break while everyone wonders how THAT happened)
We _do_ have a command structure you know.
Yes, we send out the main command staff, and everyone in red jumpers; and leave Zoya in charge back here. (Zoya is our healer)
How high can a hill jump? (you'll understand in a moment)

First to arrive was the smaller band; riding, as it turned out, from procter ignem. Fireheart was with them.
Far from the releif that one would expect from discovering they we're from the order; Firehearts presence causing some worry that an attempt might be made to reduce the covenant to a small cinder. In fact their messenger hadn't reached us - they were on a "training exercise" Apparently they have 15 regiments of 200 troops each. This confused and worried us rather alot. At least thewy're peaceful at the moment....

Anyway we let them in and waited for the second lot to arrive...

It was Lord Catharthis who told us that a Drumlin, that is a small carnivourous faerie hill, had escaped. "Hill?" we said. "Hill" he said. Oh dear.

So we went Drumlin hunting the next morning, with a huge net. We tracked it down to the swamp, and supported the net on the lances of the faerie knights in the Drumlin's path, we then persuaded Deunan to stand under the net and tempt the Drumlin to come towards her. It did, Deunan used seven league stride, the knights pulled the lances out, and Gwyntar dropped the net from his aerial position. Then Catharthis' flying squad (the ice ships) arrivced to cart the thing back to Arcadia where it belongs.

Please, no more weirdness.

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