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Session 10th November - Autumn 1223

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A long time ago, in a paradigm far, far away
a group of self confessedly pathetic magi strove for
the freedom of the children. Led by Elly Skywalker, they
fought against the tyrrany of Darth Leshee, who had captured
the brave young warriors sent towards him by an administrative error.

Not realising the strength of their foe, the brave young Skywalker
and her companions, the worldly wise Marek Solo, the amazing Puit-bacca,
the worrying princess Lyskandria, the experienced Obi-Wan Scientus and a group
of rag-tag shock troops approached the awesome Death-Cavern of Darth Leshee.

After some confusion, our heroes managed to get attacked by a horde of TIE-Direwolves
that forced them to retreat. Obviously not prepared for combat, Elly Skywalker and Marek Solo left
the shock troops and Princess Lyskandria to fight a rearguard action. As they retreated, Darth Leshee came
out to support his troops, and the valiant heroes fled like the cowards they are, into the welcoming arms of the dark side
of the forest, but not before Puit-bacca managed to gouge the eye of Darth Leshee whilst the evil one wrestled him down the mountainside.

Confusion reigned amongst the heroes as they came up with a desperate plan. Luring some TIE-Direwolves toward them, they killed them and discovered that they were merely wolves corrupted by the dark side of the force.

Another plan was formulated, where Marek Solo would infiltrate the Death-Cavern whilst evryone else lured out Darth Leshee and his elite troops. Bravely, Elly Skywalker went to parley with the evil one. While they talked, Princes Lyskandria noted the dark force positively oozing out of Darth Leshee's skin.... Meanwhile, through cunning artifice, Marek Solo had managed to send out all of the TIE-Direwolves and rescue the children that Darth Leshee had so cruelly kept hostage within his cavern of doom.

We then ran away.

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