Caleo of Flambeau

Historian, Diviner, Impulsive, Dogged, Slow.

Age 22 (At start of campaign)

Int +2 (Thoughtful) Str 0 Pre 0 Dex -2 (Impulsive)
Per +3 (Diviner) Sta +1 (Solid) Com +1 (Spirited) Qui -1 (Thoughtful)

Magic Affinity (Divination -> Intelligo) +4
Divination +4
*Magical Memory +1
Blatant Gift -1
*Creative Block -1
*Slow Caster -2
*Unimaginiative learner -1
*Common Fear - New things -2
Poor Hearing -1
Single Minded -1
(* -> connected to the book learning thing)

Born in the farmlands of normandy, Caleo was always interested in the tales carried by those who could read and write.
This interest was probably one of the things that drew his parens to him. Well, that and the 'scaring away all the animals' thing.
Caleo really *believes* in the past as a guide to the future. The great tales of the founders inspired him - but perhaps not as his parens had intended them to.
Rather then being inspired to emulate the heroes of the house, he's much happier directly following the histories he finds in tomes. He treats them almost as an instruction book - a map to the future as well as the past.
Caleo has always had a hard time adapting quickly. Still, in these old histories old powers to lie - mnemonic memory rhymes that authors used as codes, for example.

Of course, the persons he is trying hardest to emulate are, generally, wild and wantomly violent...

His slow casting is due to him, very carefully, recalling the texts from which he learnt the spell via various little memory hints - and only once he's sure he's doing it right casting it.

His preferred form of Augaury, obviously, involves a lot of time looking things up in books to find the closest correspondance and thus predict what will happen next. The circular nature of history, fortunately, is on his side and he's right far too often.
He's talked a lot with those who practice pyrurgy andastrology, but hasn't really entered into their circle. Perhaps if they wrote down their secret histories where he could read them, rather than keeping them, well .. secret.

Caleos sigil is methodical surprise, if such can be explained. His spells always act carefully and steadily, but build to slightly unexpected result, though afterwards you can always see how it could take place that way.

Parma Magica 2
Finesse 1
Penetration 1
Affinity: Intelligo 3
Divination 3
Magic Theory 4
OOH Lor 4
Occult Lore 2
Hermetic Law 1
Civil Law 1
Faerie Lore 1
Legend lore 1
Scribe Latin 4
Speak Latin 5
Speak French 4

Intelligo 9 Ignem 9
Creo 8 Corporem 4
Rego 2
Muto 4
Perdo 1

Test of Flame             (CrIg 20)
Pilium of Fire            (CrIg 20)
Lamp without flame        (CrIg 10)
Tales of the ashes        (InIg  5)
Words of flickering flame (InIg 25)
Many hued conflagration   (MuIg  5)
Soothe the raging flames  (PeIg 15)
Light shaft of the Night  (ReIg 10)
Sight of the true form    (InCo 15)
Touch of pearls           (InAq 10)
Eyes of the eons          (InTe 10)
Sense the nature of vis   (InVi  5)
Curse of rotted wood      (PeHe  5)
Touch of goose feathers   (PeCo  5)