Certamen log

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Ulrich says "The test is called "Circle of seasons" and Viola did a bit of research on that. I think she'd better tell you herself what she found."
Mikelle says "So you do agree with me about everything other than the thing we were"
Mikelle says "actually discussing. Good. Now, the problem is he will see us as students of the occult, because we are in this strange place, so we might as well come right out and say it - it's not as if he's going to spread the news around, is it?"
Stefanos says "Mikelle made that a statement, not a question"
Mikelle says "(sorry, that was a bit mangled)"
Mikelle says "(Yes, she did, go on, make something of it"
Stefanos says "If we are students ogf the occult... as we obviously are... then why would he *not* spread the news around... there is a flaw in your logic there Mikelle"
Mikelle says "Firstly, you agree we are obviously students of the occult, secondly becuase we make it worth his while not to."
Stefanos dripping sarcasm: "and how would you propose we did *that*"
Lucias says "I protest The occult is but a small part of that which we study"
Lucias says "And really stefanos, surely you can come up with some ideas for trinkets which would impress a local lord?"
Lucias says "I mean - a trivial glimpse of the true majesty of life; and he would not wish to make an issue about it..."
Lucias says "The hope of greater glories lifting him forward"
Mikelle says "Suggesting to him that here we can guard the things in the forest, whereas if the church were to try and drive us out,m we wouldn't. And there might be collateral damage in any resultant conflict, of course."
Lucias says "And coinciding with our desires"
Mikelle smiles
Lucias says "Trivialities still"
Mikelle says "Lucias has the right of it. If we tell him the truth we negotiate from a position of strength."
Stefanos says "But if we claim to be mere scholars, how are we to accomplish this, and why would we be afraid ot the church?"
Lucias says "!MERE! scholars!"
Lucias says "You mock the true foundations of all?"
The logic makes a break for it
Mikelle says "If I recall, it was you that suggested we call ourselves humble scholars"
Lucias says "Certainly."
Lucias says "Why is that which is hummble, 'mere'?"
Mikelle says "So why don;t you answer your own question"
Stefanos says "And I still suggest we do... However, other issues are at stake."
Lucias says "Calaiming to be scholars of the true light, that is our duty and due."
Lucias says "The fools who do not fgollow our path, rightly fear that which they do not understand"
Stefanos says "If we are to show our true colours, then, you are right, we are negotiating from a position of strangth. However, are we not revealing too much about ourselves in the process?"
Lucias says "And some, unfortunately, who do not need to - also"
Stefanos says "Lucias, you are rambling again... "
Lucias pauses
Lucias says "I am sorry, sodalis - you are correct"
Lucias says "A subject for a treatise, not a council"
Mikelle says "But if we will be seen as scholars of the occult in the first place, any member of the order who hears of us will interpret it to mean the truth."quot;
Lucias says "Well, that would simplify things. Since it is a partial truth"
Stefanos says "And will think nothing of it... just another covenant. "
Mikelle says "As they would think nothing of it if we did reveal our nature to the local lord"
Stefanos says "Unless that magus was searching for three young magi that escaped his grasp earlier"
Lucias says "Urm, no - hes got a good riposte"
Lucias says "WHy should he notice this covenant among amany"
Lucias says "Oh - sorry, you mean him"
Lucias says "Ah yes - that might be a worry"
Lucias says "But surely not a severe one"
Lucias says "After all - he isn't all that likely to bother coming all this way simply to explain his behaviour."
Stefanos says "Say, for the sake of argument that we do declare ourselves..."
Stefanos says "Lucias... you are a simpleton and a fool!"
Lucias says "Sir - you will retract that statement immediately"
Stefanos says "I will not... "
Mikelle says "I fail to see how one follows from the other, though both are valid points..."
Lucias says "MAde in heat, I can understand that the rambling mind of one such as yourself might accidenntally incept its betters into insults"
Ulrich thinks . o O (Charming Steph at his best again... :) )
Lucias says "You most certainly will - you made it in cold blood - and you will remove it as such, or I will do so in hot blood"
Vitenka tacitally ignore mikelles comment
Stefanos says "think of what you say, bonisagus... a flambeau is going to come here to "explain his behaviour"? I think not... He will come for the express reason of blowing ass all to HELL!"
Lucias says "Certainly not"
Stefanos says "And that is why you are a fool, Lucias"
Lucias says "Such stereotyping is an insult to the flambeau - and ere the primus here, I'm sure you would havve to explain your statement to them also"
Stefanos says "do you see no danger from Helios? Or even Thofios?"
Lucias says "As it is - "
Lucias says "No. They are fellow magi - why should I?"
Lucias says "PArhaps their reasoning fdoes not follow the same lines as mine - but their insights are vluable still"
Stefanos says "As I said... a simpleton and a fool"
Lucias says "And you will not call me a fool"
Mikelle says "Nevertheless, you should so more respect for one who at least does not appear to be driven by fear."
Lucias says "I say again, one last time - retract your words"
Stefanos says "I am not about to retract the truth because it offends your ears"
Lucias says "I deny to you it is truth."
Lucias says "are you prepared to prove its truth?"
Stefanos says "Helios has already tried to kill me once... what makes you think he will not try again, this time aiming for all of us?"
Stefanos says "The line has already been crossed and cannot be crossed back"
Lucias says "Certainly not; what causes you to think he has tried to kill us?"
Lucias says "We have crossded no special line"
Stefanos says "I know when an Ignem spell is directed towards me, Lucias, and the line I spoke of was crossed by Helios when he tried to kill us"
Lucias says "No line can be gone back across - but sensible action may obviate the need"
Lucias says "An ignem spell was attempted by them - they had just used ritual magic"
Lucias says "Its effects where, interesting"
Lucias says "Small wonder, that they would wish to test their abilities in safer company than a roooftop"
Lucias says "And these lines - even should one have bewen crosses, and they have made the mistake of threatening and insulting another magus"
Lucias says "There is no need for you to sdo the sam"
Lucias says "Cross another line, and show yourself willing of admitting your own foolishness"
Stefanos says "You are the one being foolish here, Lucias! Listen to yourself! Why did we leave Constantinople in the first place? "
Lucias says "Upon the advice ofg an elder magus, whose advice I respect"
Lucias says "Something to do with incoming crusadors; I beleive."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Well - what responce do you have"
Mikelle says "Stefanos, you have insulted someone and are waiting for them to challenge you? For the _second_ time now! You aren't afraid of a Bonisagus are you?"
Stefanos splutters in rage: "You have no idea do you? You think we are on a pleasure cruise! You are making my case for me
Stefanos says "Mikelle... stay out of this!"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Bluster not - you have changed the issue, and we will return to it shortly"
Mikelle says "Why should I?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Until that point, will you retract"
Ulrich says "I think Auriane would try to cool thing down a bit now..."
Mikelle says "Stay out of this Flambeau! This is Tytalus business!"
Mikelle says "<OOC> It was addressed to Auriane in absentia""
Ulrich says "Yes, she misses the best parts. :)"
Lucias says "Excuse me - I beleive this is my business...."
Mikelle says "Oh, very much so. "
Lucias says "And I do object to being termed with the name of a founder who I do not follow"
Mikelle says "I wasn't talking to you!"
Lucias says "Since I am not a follower of tytalus, I accept your retractiopn of the statement that this is your business alone"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Certainly, that was obvious - your statement was however, audible - and as such included me within its domain"
Stefanos says "Lucias.. what can I say? The reason I called you a fool is obvious to all. I will not retract that!"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "I would like to see your proof that all can see it."
Lucias says "Provide it, I am willing to listen to a well reasoned argument"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "It may indeed be that I spoke in anger, but I do not beleive that it was so"
Stefanos says "It is impossible to have reasonable argument with you... "
Lucias ex Bonisagus sputter - unable to even form words for a moment
Mikelle says "So, does either of you have the guts to challenge the other?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Sir - you impugn my honour, that of those I follow - and that of "
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "the entire order"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Are you still enough of a mind to take this up outside in a time honoured fashion?"
Stefanos says "I said nothing of the order"
Lucias ex Bonisagus ignores that... obviously
Stefanos says "If you wish to challenge me, I accept"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Of course, I shall rememebrr to phrase my requests in words suited to a babe in arms"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Wood oo care to say what form the contest might take?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Aw is widdle idiot too stoopid to think for his widdle self"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Perhaps you could ask another, to remind you?"
Stefanos smiles
Mikelle says "You could choose for the coward..."
Stefanos glares aT Mikelle
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Now, that is hardly fair - it is the cowards prerogative to choose the ground for the contests"
Stefanos says "then choose, bonisagus"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And after all - he doubtless will need all advantages he can get"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Perhaps I underestimate your bravery"
Stefanos says "since you are the challenger, pick your form..."
Stefanos says "I mean technique"
Lucias says "If that offer is made in good faith - do you have no objections to the terms of engagement? Or do you ask me to choose within specified boundaries."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Ah - it is the offer of a wolf. Implicitly I understand that you are falling back upon certamen"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And hence you have no mind to create your own contest"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "A pity - then I shall meet you on your home ground."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "You are versed in the art of creation?"
Stefanos says "I believed that certamen was what you were proposing... I would meet you with a blade, but you would not stand long"
Stefanos says "I am familiar with Creo"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "and the remainder of your ground?"
Mikelle says "Or he could meet you in an honest duel of magic, and you would not"
Stefanos says "and do you recognise the power of the mind?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Sir - it is supreme. But the magic which manipulates it is a corrupting influence."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "But since you select it as defining your studies"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "So let it be."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Will you make the preparations?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus pauses, slightly
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Then I shall take that honour...."
Lucias ex Bonisagus concentrates.....
Mikelle stands out of the way, and watches
Lucias ex Bonisagus Speaks a few short words of magic - and pointing a digit to the ground, scorches a circle, within which he sits - waiting for his wimp, I mean - opponent, to join him
Ulrich says "Creo, Mentem Certamen, Int and Con will do, I guess."
Stefanos steps intoi the circle and closes his eyes
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Then let us prepare the phantasms."
Stefanos concentrates and a sparkling face appears with piecing eyes
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Creation of mind - the creation of pure ideas."
A shimmering book appears in front of lucias
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Hmmm, not perfect - but it is so hard to reperesent ideas..."
Lucias ex Bonisagus waits, expectantly
Stefanos says "the human mind is the only thing that can truly represent ideas"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Certainly not - the mind is that which COMPREHENDS ideas"
Stefanos says "Ah... but the mind is that which births ideas in the first place"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And a head, which contains blood and brain, the cooling device you so clearly lack..."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "is hardly a good representation"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Ideas are pure, and exist in themselves"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "In a text, the ideas may be transmitted to others - so are clearly represented"
Stefanos says "no ideas exist without the mind to create them,"
Stefanos says "thougfh if they did, that would explain where you get yours"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Tut - smart but inapropriate commentary willnot help you"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "My understanding of this idea is clearly higher than yours..."
Lucias' book glows slightly
Stefanos'eyes begin to glow with an unearthly light
Lucias ex Bonisagus Yawns; this is unfair, since you are clearly so unprepared."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "The concept of life... While admitting that I cannot understand it, it is clear that it is founded upon vbasic principles, whose study may enlighten us all"
Lucias ex Bonisagus Waits for stef's responce
The book opens, and a quill starts to inscribe the idea as quoted
Time is passing - and Lucias hastily sketched out idea is clearly better than no ideas at all...
Lucias ex Bonisagus Waits, patiently, for stefanos to pretend that he wishes to be involved...
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Come on, a counter argument, or an elaboration... at least pretend that you wish to be involved, you did force me to challenge you, after all..."
Stefanos says "enlightment through the study of the concept of life can lead us to understand the ways in which we form ideas and how we finally exist"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "First - an elemental study. Surely life may tie to an element? Well - taking it as supposition, we study each in turn"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "First - earth. Solid, dependable - but unchanging"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "The study of life and the study of earth intersect, for life can achieve lasting accomplishments"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "which future generations may inheret and revere"
Stefanos says "then water, fluid, everchanging, yet potent in it's fury"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "In the same way as the earth is unchnanging - a brilliant life is never fogrgotten by time"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "But there is the distance. Earth is most closly related to the afterimage of life"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "The current life ...."
Lucias ex Bonisagus Lucias pauses, waiting to see if stefanos is going to expand upon his idea...
Stefanos says "life may be compared to water, for it does not stay idle... it changes constantly with time and the fury of life, especially many lives together is terrifying to behold"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Ah - water, certainly - but water always moves back to its origional form"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Perhaps a property held by many lives at some point - but all of life is change. pre-birth and after-death are dissimilar. No water does not hold"
Stefanos says "That is also an aspect of life, to roll with the punches, to revert to a form which is familiar, even comfortable"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Of course. But, perhaps another element deserves your consideration? After all - a life which undergoes no final change is no life at all"
Stefanos says "And how can one make a statement concerning pre-birth and after-death? how can one speak of these without experiencing them?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Well - I for one admit to having been through pre-birth: I was not placed upon this earth complete and without prior being"
Stefanos says "perhaps life is based not only on a single element, but as a combination of all? The steadfastness of earth, the fluidity of water, the short bursts of energy of fire and the vitality of air"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "A self evident statement. And after death is clearly a difference - being an ending, not a beginning. Perhaps it leads to other things, but an unborn child and a dead man are not the same thing"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Of course, but that was not the bounds for this discussion - a careful consideration before a conclusion"
Lucias ex Bonisagus tuts
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Then, if you shy from it - Air."
Stefanos says "But who can say? Perhaps death is merely the beginning of life?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Air flows and moves, and yet is unseen. A man internal life can be like to this - seen by none, but if he shines, then shall pepople see it"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "So surely it is not alike to air, since though a wind may ruffle leaves"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "It cannot be seen and predicted"
The head moves forward, hovering over the book. Words flow off the paper into its eyes and the head grows, absorbing all the knowledge from the book, and then it starts to swell, ripples appear in the image, and it falls back, disintegrating...
Lucias ex Bonisagus looks up slightly surprised...
Lucias ex Bonisagus is clearly leaving a pause for stefanos to say something (apologise, perhaps?)
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Well - on your home grounds, I expected better of you. Perhaps we should end this now, without having to continue vainglouriously."
Lucias says "OOC: He is honourable - an pauses, and doesn't push"
Stefanos says "it is not over yet, Lucias... press your advantage!"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Certainly not, you may reopen."
Gwyntar says "Right, the initiatiuve is Lucias', go for soemthing...."
Stefanos says "I thank you..."
Stefanos rematerializes his phantasm
Stefanos says "Would you care to continue your train of thoughts Lucias"
The book remains empty, quill posed. Stefanos phantom reforms completely, and then...
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Please, go ahead..."
Stefanos bows: "Again, I thank you...
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Well - the idea of politeness exists... but this may be going too far"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "So, we turn at last to the principle of fire. Like life - it starts from apparently nothing, or something smaller - it grows, burns - affects others. When nurtured correctly, it gives light and warmth to others. And like a life - it burns down and ends - going black and leaving naught but smoke and an afterimage."
Stefanos says "Perhaps we are looking at this matter too simplistically... what is to say that only four elements exist in the world? There can merely be the products of man's limited vision... I propose that life is a fifth element and by far the most important."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Such a concept is not new - but by what manne rmay it be comprehended other than by itself"
some concept is growing between the book and head... who will take it?
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "You must comprehend life either weith the tools it gives you - or by itself"
Stefanos says "consider the element of life: it is supported by earth, consumed by fire, fed by air and drowned by water"
Stefanos says "Therefore two of the elements are supportive and two are destructive."
the image of a man forms between the two phantasms. Round it spin representations of the 4 elements
Stefanos says "But consider the destructive elements: life cannot exst withpout water, as it cannot exist without air, and what would life be without fire, but an empty husk of itself?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "As you shatter the initial bounds of the argument by considering other possibilities out of turn - and since unpredictability is something which life gives us, nay which life may truly represent. I thus say onto you, that life is an idea which may not be contemplated by aught but itself - and thus posseses all. In short, the realm of forms is conatained within life... And contains itself. Perfect, complete - its weakness sheilded by its strength"
Stefanos says "As I suggested earlier, four elements each possesses a part of life... but none can fully describe it, not even together can they describe life..."
Stefanos says "parts of it perhaps, but not all..."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And so, life is an existed idea - but which has moved beyond us. And as I cannot comprehend it, I find that I do not try. And as such - I become itmore completely. Contemplate awhile upon the likeness of the pheonix to an argument - is not perhaps the egg like unto creation itself."
Stefanos says "that is why life must be considered by itself, not as a part of an existing element"
a picture of the image between the phantasms starts to appear in the book.
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Life cannot be understood. Certainly the elements exist - and surely their undderstanding may aid the understanding of lifes position in the universe"
Lucias ex Bonisagus trumps: But how can that aid the understanding of the universes position within life
Stefanos says "Understanding life is not important... it is the road towards that understanding that enriches us, enlightens us"
the picture is complete in the book, but some of the light has now returned to the heads eyes
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Ah - but where does your journey start"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "You begin moving towards life - from where?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "The universe? Then by your travels you move farther away"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "From life? Then you gain so many more by remaining still"
Stefanos says "You begin moving from the darkness to the light, from the state of not knowing, not understanding to a state of bliss, understanding"
Stefanos says "One does not begin from life, though one may be alive..."
Stefanos says "One begins from ignorance and travels towards the knowledge, though that knowledge may never come"
Stefanos says "And before ll else, man knows that the knowledge will never come, yet ever strives towards the light. Why I ask you"
The book turns upright and the heads eyes turn towards it. Lines of force start to flow towards the head.
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Ah - yes, let us now move from that petty discussion to ideas about the nature of ideas and knopwledge itself"
Stefanos says "You change the subject.... have you no answer? "
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Such striving is the nature of man. All are brurning pure, and all wish to know who set the light to aLL"
Stefanos says "And what answer will they receive once they look into the light..."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "They do not know - that is the urging that causes them to look"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "You cannot know what knowledge seeking for knowledge will bring. It is that knowledge which they seek"
Stefanos staggers slightly, but then the light in the heads eyes redoubles
Stefanos says "They will see themselves, straining to accept their lives, to understand... and that is the greatest understanding"
Stefanos says "the quest for knowlegde is the quest for ideas. But ideas come from the people themselves. "
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Pah. Man does not ask to accept their lives - they do so only while they are not seeking, but resting. While awake, they see themselves as one thing, but wonder if they might see something else as another"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "As I said, you moved the subject to ideas about ideas. But nothing can come from nothing - the idea of the quest is what drives them - people do not create those ideas"
Stefanos says "The ideas that people seek must come from within themselves..."
Stefanos says "Ideas do not spontaneously permeate the universe... they are created by the minds of man"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "They may come fom the world around them - or an idea may be manifested by god"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "An idea simply is"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Their lives may illuminate a fraction of them from without"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And the ideas they contain, how may they see them but by looking within others? The candles centre is black."
Stefanos says "How is an idea simply to materialize from nothingness... you yourself just said that nothing can come from nothing"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "The idea is, always has been - and always shall be"
Stefanos says "You confuse the concept of ideas with the concept of God!"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Your ignorance of forms astounds me, but - the idea may not be seen - and so you cannot tell it exists, until someone illuminates it"
Stefanos says "God is... has always been"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And God created all, and so created all ideas...."
Stefanos says "Not so for ideas"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "The true form of a thing exists, the mentation of it - such is a self clarity."
Stefanos says "then we are but empty husks upon this earth, set here to reclaim what God has left for us..."
further ideas form in the book, which the head tries to assimilate. images flicker about them both, as the intensity of the conflict increase, but nothing seems to happen...
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "It is the physical which is a mere reflection of it- ideas cannot be created from it, merely understood with its help"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "If such is the conclusion that you 'quest' has led you to - I feel sorry for you. Myself, I still try to comprehend why my idea shold be the understanding of ideas"
Stefanos says "No I deas are created by the minds of men... and then translated into the physical"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "A cat."
Stefanos says "what of it?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "There - I showed ytou that idea."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "I did not create it - and nor did any human"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "But since you saw it, even breifly - it exists"
Stefanos says "A cat is not an idea.. it is a creature, created by God"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Ah, words - the greatest barrier to undersatnding."
Lucias ex Bonisagus thinks
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "*A* cat is, yes. 'cat' is not"
Stefanos says "No cat is an idea that formed in your mind when you though of "a cat"&quot;
the intensity of the struggle dies down, and ideas start to flow between the book and head...
Lucias ex Bonisagus looks straight at stefanos, smiling....
Stefanos says "Therefore I say to you that you are the one that created the concept of "cat". If you had never seen "a cat" then you wpould not have been able to formulate the idea"
Stefanos waits for Lucias' responce
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "And that is an idea, then - which I have formed. And which you acknowledge - as are many of the things I have said here. I have created the ideas, as you desired me to. You have created ideas also, but did not understand that ideas need each other to be percieved. What good is 'cat' without a 'man' to see it and stroke one of it. I claim that, although I could not have done this creation wiuthout you, you could not have done it without me - and so I posess these ideas as much as you do. And that I caused this challenege to occur, means that these ideas primarily werebrought into this world by me - though you seem not to see that as creation, that is your folly. And hence I win this challenege exactly as you set it."
Vitenka Lucias stands up and walks away.
A cat appears in the air. an reflection of it moves into the book, and the pages slam together. As Lucias stands, he is hit by a wave of force and falls to the floor, unconcious
Mikelle says "Erm, I dunno why Lucias did that , but you had a solid advantage and he tried to pull out, unless you wnat to deliberately protect him, he gets hit by backlash"
Stefanos says "A worthy opponent"
GM says "Ok, he is awake, but not up to much - you don't just pull out of a certamen - you surrender the ground - then disenage"
Stefanos says "Lucias... you were a worthy opponent in this certamen... much more that I would have expected... I waive my right to a spell... I salute you"
Mikelle says "Not if he protects you he doesn't."
Lucias ex Bonisagus blinks
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Certamen? Sorry, yes - whatever."
Mikelle says "Though I forgot to use him..."
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Your simplicity in missing my point was irritating me... A good argument though, stefanos"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "I quite forgot where I was."
Stefanos says "I was concerned for you, Lucias, why did you pull out so fast... Surely I did not irritate you that much!"
Mikelle stands there, an expression of vague contempt on her face
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Well, I thought that I had made a last point, and that further debate was fgutile. I forgot about the circle."
Lucias ex Bonisagus grins, slightly shpeepishly
Stefanos says "I formally retract my statement that Lucias ex Bonisagus is a fool. I apologise"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Now, what was being discussed... If it is not important, i should like to get some rest"
Mikelle says "Yes, go on you little fool."
Stefanos says "who arfe you addressing Mikelle?"
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Sorry? Oh,. well - I thank you for your consideration - but I should have though t my actions were not those of a man wholly aware of this situation, indeed slightly foolish"
Lucias ex Bonisagus ignores mikelle, being way too tired...
Mikelle was addressing Lucias...
Lucias ex Bonisagus says "Yes, I shan't keep you from your incredibly important debates about the sancticy of admitting to your own existence..."
Stefanos says "We have already settled that Mikelle... he admitted he spoke foolishly, but that does not make him a fool"
Lucias ex Bonisagus Ands with that parting shot, lucias is leaving.
Mikelle says "No, but doing what he did does. He is a fool, and I do not fear to say it. Should he show signs of annoyance, I will challenge him, to provem y superiority."
Stefanos says "To challenge him now would be below even you, Mikelle"