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Page up to date as of 16th November - Autumn 1223

Did you mean - Rules for studying from texts?

FM *subtracts* from study totals of all non-Faerie Hermetic texts. It does not subtract from study of mundane knowledges.
The only Merinita text we currently have is the Herbam book. If you have FM, you can read this at a Quality of 12.

Since rolling a two after rolling a one on a stress die (which gets your hopes of rolling a really big number up) is just too annoying for words; it is banned.
You may re-roll the second die - though if it comes up a two that time, god is clearly against you; and you must stick with your measly roll of four.

Confidence Use: Spending a Confidence point allows a roll just made to be rerolled. If the reroll is successful, the Confidence point is kept; if it fails, the point is lost for the rest of that story. Only one reroll may be made, except in cases where failure would mean the immediate death of the character in question. If a stress roll comes up "0", botch dice are rolled before Confidence may be spent, and Confidence may not be spent if a botch occurs. If a Confidence reroll is 20 points or more over the target number for the roll a permanent point of Confidence is gained. If a Confidence reroll botches, a point of Confidence is lost permanently, unless losing this point would result in the character having zero Confidence.

Fast Casting: A Formulaic spell may be Fast-Cast at a penalty of -10 and 3 extra botch dice. In all other respects this works as Spontaneous Fast-Casting.

Shapechangers: Shapechangers' human statistics are added directly on to their animal ones, not halved first.

Fatigue: Fatigue rolls are made when the GM feels like it. Certainly not every round of combat normally - far too much bookkeeping for my liking. Fatigue lost in casting Ritual spells may not be recovered until a good night's sleep.
Basically - we got long term fatigue back

The Gravity-less Lab: Has a general quality of +3, an innate Risk modifier of +2, and forces Experimentation (using the rules in the main rulebook) on any project involving Rego or Muto Terram, Aquam, Ignem, or Herbam.

Form Resistance: 1/5 of a Magus' score in the appropriate Form, rounded up, is added to his Natural Resistance rolls against spells of that Form. For 'physical' Arts, it can also add to Soak, both for magic and for mundane situations - for instance, Terram 15 gives +3 to soak metal weapons.

Spell Level Changes: Clenching Grasp of the Crushed Heart is now Level 50.
In fact, all 'instadeath' spells have their level increased by 10.
That spell in the wizards grimoire is a typo - level 4 becomes level 40. You know - the one about freezing someone in a block of ice.

The Mysterious Synchronicity of Hermes: Since Hermes is a god of travel, Hermetic magi are subject to some mysterious laws. Essentially, they have a tendency to turn up at a dramatically appropriate time, within a few minutes of each other, and so on. Just a spurious in-game justification for saving the Storyguide headaches.

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