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You might have meant - OUR HOUSE RULES

Study Total = Intelligence + Concentration + Quality (add to current experience. Cannot advance more than 3 levels per season)

Cannot study from unless your level is less than their score. Cannot raise you above their score.
Quality = Communication + Scribe + 3
Libra Quaestionum
Useless unless your level is close to their Target Level. Study Total has quality - (difference between your level and the target level) * 5
Scribing takes one season.
quality = Communication + Scribe + 6; target level not more than one third of your art.
You need to know the spell they are written about. They work whatever your art score.
Scribing takes one season, and you must have mastered the spell. The art the tractartus is about will then be the higher of the two involved in casting the spell.
The quality of the work is the magnitude of the spell used, which may not be higher than your Communication + Scribe.

It would therefore be folly to compare Summae, Tractartus and LQ's directly by level and quality.

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