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Update 19th November 2005
The long sleep was due to a bad session, then shop closed for gencon, then a session of a one-shot of the dragon game. But we're back now!
Added Mission two handouts [.jpg]
Added Mission Tne and Mission Two logs.
Added new guys Character sheet.
Update 24th October 2005
Re-arranged the documents area (it was getting untidy).
Added Employee handbook - page three [.pdf]
Update 23rd October 2005
Added more Mission one handouts, including the MRS [.pdf]. Password removed.
Update 22nd October 2005
Added Mission one handouts (need password for now)
Update 21st October 2005
Added Session zero log [.html]
Update 18th October 2005
Added Mission zero MRS [.pdf]
Updated rules [.pdf] again. Mainly just grammar fixes this time.
Update 17th October 2005
Added Employee handbook - page one [.pdf] and page two [.pdf].
Updated rules [.html] [.doc] again.
Added Player handouts for Mission Zero (MRS not yet added).
Update 15th October 2005
Updated rules [.html] [.doc].
Minor update to character sheet [.doc]
Update 14th October 2005
Added Session -1 report
Added Characters directory
Update 10th October 2005
Put basic system documents online.

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