Game Fu : Three

My Game FU grows stronger yet!

This contest was run by Vitenka.
Choose at least five elements, at least one from each list. The elements were proposed by the contestants.
The challenge ran from the 19th of december 2008 until the 4th of January.
Codex Arcanum's entry:
To Serve the Earth - a game of malfunctioning robots tending a wild and mutated ruined earth.
Aesir Raven's entry:
1914 - a game of superheroes emerging in the run-up to world war one.
Gavken's entry:
Clockwork - a game of clanks in revolt against their absent masters.
Palladozi's entry:
Titaomachy - a game of myths and gods overthrowing the incumbents.
Vitenka's entry:
MorTV - a game of murder TV.