Battle of the Gods

An entry for game-fu 3 by Pallandozi
Elements used:
The people are heavily divided into 3 tiers
A superhero game set in the past
A mechanism where the other players have some input on the design of your character
Has a Fate/Karma/Bennie reward pool that can only be spent on others
Become something greater
Author's Description:
"Titanomachy is like a cross between Credo and Baron Münchhausen. Do you have what it takes to survive and grow as a God, or will you be written out of the story of creation?" and "In Titanomachy you are a God or Goddess in an unspecified part of the ancient world. Some of your believers have recently entered a land controlled by an established but tired pantheon of existing Gods. Their story of creation does not mention you, and so must obviously be wrong or incomplete. This should be changed!"
Vitenka's review:

Hits Elements

"Has a Fate/Karma/Bennie reward pool that can only be spent on others"
Um. No it doesn't.
It's got build points handed out that way, but not karma-alike stuff.
It doesn't hit 'become something greater' terribly well either. Although you CAN tell a story of "Start small and grow big" it doesn't force it, you can equally well interpret it as a story of "Gods invading a new area".


Story seems good. Playing out the defeats and gaining new realms of influence seems like great fun.
But mechanically, it's a fiddly little 4x strategy game.
The story-game and the game-game don't seem to mesh very well.
The cards are nice.


I'm afraid I got lost at "Each area contains 3 population sub-groups; the upper, middle and lower classes, giving 18 distinct communities. Each community starts off with pre-determined levels of faith, force and finances available to them."

Free actions 'can be done at any time' - appear to basically invalidate a huge chunk of the other rules. You can move finances to any territory you want at any time; so why track it per territory instea of as a total?

I'd rate this 4/10